Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Four New Seattle Restaurants to Try

Seattle is a city that is constantly evolving! Whether you're lucky enough to live in the area or you're simply visiting, the appeal of the dining scene in Seattle is hard to deny. Here are some of the newest restaurants and eateries to open in the area. If you're planning to visit one of these as a part of a bigger adventure in the city, be sure to check out Seattle Charter Bus.

One Pot
506 12th Ave S
One Pot has been a member of the dining scene in Seattle for a cool three months. This is a Korean restaurant that specializes in hot pots, or Korean stew, with tons of fantastic varieties to choose from. The tables have cookers underneath them to ensure the food stays fresh and hot. They also offer unique test tube coffee which is a pretty fun way to get a caffeine kick.

The Shambles
7777 15th Ave NE
The Shambles has been a part of the Wedgwood neighborhood since February. It's part delicatessen, part beer bar, and part meat shop, so it's safe to say you'll get to exercise gluttony when you're here. With sustainable meats prepared in house, small plates, sandwiches, charcuterie and cheese plates, there's a lot to enjoy in this cozy space.

Le Messe
1903 Yale Pl E
Le Messe is the newest Italian restaurant to open in Seattle over in the Eastlake neighborhood. They're usually quite busy here, and that's due to the authenticity of their dishes and customer service. There are two different happy hours each day that run from 4-6PM and 9-10PM.  Don't leave without trying their vanilla gelato!

Geo's Bar and Grill
10515 Greenwood Ave N
Geo's has already proven to be a dependable choice for delicious food. Serving Cuban and American cuisine, there's truly a little bit of something for everybody to enjoy here. From plantains to gumbo and Cuban sandwiches, authenticity is certainly on the menu here. If you're lucky, you'll end up here when there's live music going on.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

IT !!

The path untrodden, the landscape deserted
He could barely make out the sign ahead, road diverted
The journey still long, with a car broken down
Only silence for company, far far away from his homeland.

He did not want to, but he had to go on
Still hours away, he couldn't wait for dawn
As he trudged along, the moon hid behind a dark cloud
He was hoping to see one person, just one, not even a crowd.

Panicked, he looked for his keys and phone, but couldn't find none
Thick forest all around, his car was no where , he knew he was done
Every step he took echoed through the woods, piercing the silence
He stood still, looked up to the heavens, and asked for Guidance.

Far far away, he saw something, a Ghost? or just a flicker of light?
He ran towards it, at any cost he had to get out tonight
As he got closer, he knew something was not right, something was off
The moment he saw IT, he dint even think, he just tookoff.

He felt he was being followed, as faster and faster he ran
But what was behind him ? Pure evil, definitely not a man
No where to run and cornered, he saw something take shape, dark and menacing
What ever he could get his hands on, he hurled at it, yet it was strengthening.

He felt shivers run down his spine as he struggled and stumbled
He stepped in to a mire, chances of escape dwindling as he struggled
The thing got closer and closer, he saw the face of evil vividly
with arms stretched forward, it went for for this throat, he gasped for air instantly.

As his hands struggled for grip, his whole life flashed before his eyes
His family, his friends he wanted to see, just once, before he dies
As death loomed large, he gave up and let out a scream
Bright light flooded his vision, heaven ? he  thought, Nah, it was just a dream.

Monday, October 2, 2017


This is dedicated to my Mom, I wrote this for her Retirement.

Mom, nothing stops for you, not today, never
Yet, the achievements and accolades will stay with you forever
The journey continues but it's just the path that changes
The drive I am sure will remain and it will take you places.

Everything we needed and more we got from you
Mom you give us the strength, Mom you are the glue
Your hard work, your determination is second to none
This is just the beginning of something new, nothing is done.

Remember all the times you woke up early just for us
Our studies, our troubles you took up and put up with all our fuss
Without your help mom success in life has no relevance 
 Yet, just thanking you for it would be an act of petulance.

Now is the time to sit back and reflect on the things you have achieved
Knowing that your students and family in you they always believed
If only we could summarize what you mean to us in a word
It would have to be something new, something the world has never heard.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dedicated to a friend and a father

Biju Mathew ....

Please spread the word and lets hope and pray that he gets to meet his Son. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Mentalist (2008- )

Title: The Mentalist


The Mentalist stars Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, once a famous 'psychic' who abandons his career to help the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as a consultant in solving crimes. The real motive behind Jane's sudden change of heart is due to the death of his wife and daughter at the hands of a serial killer named
 Red John. 

Patrick Jane is shown as someone with very high intelligence and as someone who can predict things based on very minute details that often others would discard as either random or insignificant. And this unique trait makes him cocky and sometimes difficult to manage. His life turns for the worse then the psychic Patrick Jane belittles a Serial killer Red John on television  This dosnt go well with Red John who then kills his wife and daughter, from then on avenging the death of his family becomes Jane's one aim in life. 

The series starts off with Patrick helping The CBI in solving a murder case, the CBI team of four is led by Teresa Lisbon(Robin Tunney) who is shown as someone with the capacity to be a leader, she tries to help Jane when he usually gets himself in trouble over petty issues as she understand his pain. The team also comprises of Kimball Cho(Tim Kang), Wayne Rigbsy(Owain Yoeman) and Grace van Pelt(Amanda Righetti), who bring something different to the team.

With Jane's help the CBI closes all the cases, but Jane uses unconventional methods which sometimes are silly, Incredibly clever and sometimes downright illegal.  In almost all the cases Jane uses his exceptional Mental abilities in solving the murders.  The rest of the team do their best in helping him, but this is a Patrick Jane show all the way. His feud with Red John is something that frustrates him, since Red John is shown to be equally intelligent and equally adept in thinking a few steps ahead of the rest, making it difficult for Jane to get his hands on him. So this rivalry forms the major theme for the series.

The Mentalist is a very well directed series, if your looking for a show thats  gonna make your brain work this is the show for you. The show lives up to its name. So sit back and let Patrick Jane marvel you in this awesome series.

Rating: **** 1/4 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why cant we ?

Why people kill why people fight
Why people rob others off their right,
But why cant we love why cant we share
And why cant we give what we have in spare.

Why people fight why people shoot
Why people’s aim is sometimes to loot,
But why cant we lend a helping hand
And why cant we show support and take a stand.

Why people drink why each other they hit
Why people watch and let the fight permit,
But why cant we stop and and let the madness cease
And why cant we hope and wish for peace.

Why people scare why people lie
Why people make each other cry,
But why cant we help those in need
And why cant we do others a good deed.

Why people lie why people break a strong bond
Why people cheat  and later abscond,
But why cant we fight the greedy and unjust
And why cant we stand united and in each other trust.