Saturday, March 31, 2012

IPL 5 Deccan Chargers Review.

Ok, the review of deccan chargers in this years IPL will be the lauch pad for this site. So here goes nothing.

Team : Deccan Chargers.
Event: IPL 5
Team Rating : ***
Auction Rating: **(after missing out on Jadeja)
Major In's : Parthiv
Major Outs's : KP, Ojha.
EPL Comparison Team : Liverpool (Champions a while ago, now living in the past but with renewed hope)

Starting XI(Prob) - Parthiv(w.k), Dhawan, Sanga, Duminy, White, Dan C , Ravi Teja, Mishra, Steyn, Gony, Anand rajan/chipli/sohal/Indian Kenyan/ etc...

This is my home team and obviously has a soft corner in my heart. But lets be honest for Deccan Chargers to have any shot at winning this edition of IPL they need loads of luck going there way, they need to play smart and to their strengths. Now having said that I dont intend to chuck the chargers chances of winning this season, but  they haven't got the batting firepower that RCB, CSK, MI and KKR have.

Lets get started with the Batting. With Parthiv as the keeper and the opener Sanga can play as the specialist batsman and hopefully be at his best while White definitely needs to find some form. Duminy has been amongst the runs for SA so he looks good to keep his place behind Sanga. Dan Christian promised so much in the last edition, but for some reason dint live up to the huge (900,000 $) talent that he is. The Indian talent in DC is so bad that Dhawan is an auto pick, and Ravi Teja the captian of the Hyderabad team is almost certain to retain his place with centuries in the domestic season but is most likely to start in the # 7 slot ahead of the tail enders.

Overall Batting Rating : ***

Strengths : Has to be the Overseas contingent, and the addition of puny parthiv. I am really struggling to find more positives here.

Weaknesses : No explosive batsman. Dan Christian was bought for this and he is yet to deliver and so is White. Very light on talented Indian Batsman(Oh ! how we miss Rohit).

Now bowling is something that might Cheer us. But now even that has been wiped out somewhat with Ishanth's injury. Yes, the guy who ripped apart the Tuskers is out for the season. And we sold Ojha, our most successful bowler to the Mumbai Indians (who I dont think know that they just need 11 players in a team). Its not like we are playing on a glass pitch where spinners don't count, even then we should have kept Ojha. Moving on, our only other spinner Mishra is good enough to walk into any team. And Bragging Right time !!! We have the best fast bowler in the world!!! Finally something to cheer about.So now we are paper thin on the bowling front too. Good Luck Chargers.

Strentghts : Styen, Mishra.
Weakness: Ishanth's Injury and no good backup.

Bowling rating : *** 1/2

Over all: Darren Lehman has a tough ask to get this team winning consistently. And we still have to get past our home form to find ourselves in the top 4, which would be a surprise if we make it.

Star Player : Sanga
Preferred place : 1-4 
Will be happy with :1-6.
What Fans dont want : To be the Last team.
Prediction : 6th.


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