Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 Movie Review

Movie : 2012
Language : English

Just watched 2012 on the TV, although I did watch it in the theater a while ago I just wanted to write a review and vent my frustration. The movie had awesome graphics, decent cast in John Cusack, Amanda Peet and a director who made Godzilla, Independence Day etc.. but this movie was a step too far. It was like watching a desi movie where the hero just dosnt know how or when to die. The Hero (Mr.Cusack) is divorced and has two kids with Peet who lives with another guy who wants to have kids with her, anyways the movie starts off with bizarre natural calamities happening all over the world and our hero gets to know about it and  tries to save his family and thats when the reality hits crap bottom. I am serious if you were to count the number of times our hero has a near death experience and lives to face another disaster you would be lucky if you dint count to infinity.

A limo ride against time, buildings, concrete and massive car sucking, home wrecking earth quakes, a plane ride through buildings (yes, the plane had an invisible force field), an even bigger plane hits the eiffel tower and yes the eiffel tower obviously crashes to earth killing more people but who cares as long as our hero and his family get away safely. And I forgot to mention the great meteor shower escape and  Jurassic park II bus hanging down a cliff is re-enacted with more stupidity and no rope. Houdini would have been a joke before this guy.

The Chinese(who else?) build this huge submarine like structures called arcs, so all the rich people who could afford millions buy tickets on this ship thing. It made me wonder, I mean the whole earth is submerged in water and after this event is done what the hell are these mega rich idiots gonna do ? I mean I expected scientists, farmers, electricians, engineers, doctors to be on board. Anyways since logic seems alien to the director we have no other choice but to keep looking at the watch and the exit. But not to worry, you get to see Gigantic tsunamis and the arc hits the highest peak in the world and a few other land marks but overall you get to see a lot of stupidity.

I would have rated this movie a lot, but they killed Dr.Satnam and I am bummed.

So 2012  = 2 + 0 + 1 +2 =5, hence I give this 5/10.


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