Thursday, April 5, 2012

BlackBerry and Mountain Dew Ad Review

Ad Review

Black Berry Boys: Nice one, honestly the tune is catchy and they added a nice touch with aged guys performing as the BSB. And not everyone sings in the group, just 2 guys. Its more Boyzone than BSB. So all in all a good Ad creative and funny.

Ad Rating : ****

Mountain Dew: Starts off with a guy getting ready to jump off a dam, and he takes a leap of stupidity and rides down the face of the Dam on his skateboard and your thinking OMG that's hilarious, but wait it gets better, all of the sudden the dam opens and water gushes out and our guy is still on his way down on his ride and you know what for some strange reason just as his bones were about to be crushed he is catapulted far away from the dam and he is seen smiling ear to ear in a pool of water. Jeez man, why dont these guys look at final edited version before they embarrass themselves.

Ad Rating: Two for stupidity, one for the drink and a big fat zero for the Ad.


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