Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gems Ad Review

Ad Review: Gems raho Umarless


Starts off with a half decent concept about pople liking Gems despite their age, I get that and I can even relate to that, but the Ad, is so senseless it makes you wonder why there is such a dearth of intelligence.

Since they want to depict UMARLESS they obviously had to go for an aged person a female in this case and she is show sitting alone in this artificial park and she sees a gem on the grass and eats it and then more come out from the same place and she continues to eat them only for her to see more and more gems come out, and when she sees another 'aged' person walking in the same stupidity proximity she tries to hide the gems by covering them with her body, then the pressure builds up and a stream of gems shoots out throwing the lady in the air( Dhoom 2 Hrithik Roshan where he is launched into the by a stream of water) where the Ad ends.

Ok, why are gems coming out of the ground ? and why is the speed at which the gems come out proportional to both the consumption of them and her attempt at trying to hide them ? They could have gone a million ways in showing the umarless concept but they chose to go the embarrassing way.

Ad Rating: * (dhimakless)


Gayathri said...

Oh yea! I had the same feeling.. ! The way gems comes out of the ground like a fountain is so gross..!

Pigeonheadophobia said...

I agree. It's a pretty dumb ad.

Ashish Bathini said...

@gayathri , php Thanks for reading :)

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