Monday, April 2, 2012

Chennai Super Kings IPL 2012 Review

Team : Chennai Super Kings.
Event: IPL 5
Team Rating : ****1/2
Auction Rating: ****
Major In's : Jadeja
Major Outs's : -.
EPl Comparision Team: Manchester United(They know how to grind those results out).

Starting XI(Prob) - Vijay, Hussey, Raina,Bhadri, Dhoni, Jadeja, Morkel, Bravo, Ashwin, Hilfen, Jakati/Jogi/Styriss/saha etc..

Lets get this out nice and early. CSK  in my opinion is the best team in the IPL, let alone the most consistent one. CSK got Raina, dhoni, morkel who can match if not better the likes of Pollard, Gayle and Yusuf. CSK's strength has always been its batting, especially the Indian players. I think CSK and MI are two teams than can play 11 Indians and still can finish in the top 4. Led by the "best finisher " and "captian cool" Dhoni has a team that retained most of its players for almost all the seasons now, making CSK a cohesive unit who spin to their strength, my bad, play to their strength.

So lets get started with the batting. One of the best batting line ups in the IPL. One problem I see is Vijay's inconsistent batting last year. I know CSK fans wont care two hoots about his form 12 months ago, but CSk last year were slow starers who kept wickets in hand and then went berserk in the last 8-6 over. I cant think of a better example than the semi finals with RCB. Raina and Dhoni just snatched the match away from RCB with some 5 Star slogging. And thats my only problem they are slow starters but if they manage to do as well as they did he last 4 seasons they shoudnt bother about it.

Strengths: Too Many.
Weakness: Not Many.

Overall Batting Rating : **** 1/2

Bowling wise CSK are ok, infact more than Ok. It just dosent match up to their 4 1/2 star batting. They havnt got a good Indian Bowler. I think they would have wanted to have a go at RP or Vinay but ended up spending all their money on Jadeja who is dont think is worth 2$ anyways thats IPL auction and the Inflated Indian player prices. But with the likes of Morlel, Ben HIlfen, jadeja, raina , bravo, Ashwin they should be good enough to see  most of the teams out.

Strengths : Spinners.
Weakness: No Good Indian Fast Bowler.

Bowling rating : ***1/2

OverAll :Chennai are Sooper and will be  looking  for a hat trick of titles.

Star Player : Dhoni.
Preferred place : 1
Will be happy with :1.
What Fans dont want : Beaten by MI
Prediction : 1st..


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