Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indian Television and Emotional Atyachar !

I've been watching Indian Television regularly for the past few months and I am seriously amazed by how the Reality shows are anything but real and are fake, over dramatized, with an overdose of melodrama and are scripted to the core. Why? because every other show is cashing in on this emotional blackmail.

Lets start with Mr.Bachchan's  ever popular KBC, when the show started a while ago it was pretty straight forward, you get through the fastest finger, talk about your self, talk about what you would do with the money and then start, but now after you get through the fastest finger, you take a seat and if your a middle class family which is most of us, a very emotional testimonial(its always emotional) with sad music in the background. I am definitively not against the emotional content, but I am dead against the overdose of emotions, just for the channels to get their TRP's up.

Even our very own reality show ROADIES started following suit, and now we get to see more and more people with tragic and sad stories in the auditions and yes the sad music is always associated with the story, as if the story on its own isnt capable of making us reach for the tissues.

And lets not forget these Singing and Dancing competitions, I watching "Dance India Dance " the other day and one of the contestant finishes the dance and shares a sad story and starts crying because her/his parents skipped a meal a while ago, tell me who dosnt have things like these in their families ? My parents sacrificed a lot for me to study and stuff but I dont go around crying to people telling them I needed their sympathy. I am very proud of my parents and for their sacrifices but who isnt ? And if your dance or singing is good enough to get you the votes why should you cry about and beg for sympathy votes. 

Everyone must have emotional memories and events that are personal to them, and I am for sharing them either in private or public, but I am dead against sharing these things just because they have a camera in your face or that money or a prize is at stake. I am very surprised IPL dint join the bandwagon, Ah! well, may be they did, Sreeshanth did cry, dint he ?