Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 5 Review

Team :Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).
Event: IPL 5
Team Rating : ****
Auction Rating: ****(want a scoop of Brendon)
Major In's : Brendon McCullum, Sunil Narine               
Major Outs's : -
EPl Comparision Team: Tottenham (Got explosive players, they want to step it up to the next level.)

Starting XI(Prob): Kallis, McCullum, Gambhir, Tiwari, Yusuf, Shakib, Bisla, Bhatia, Lee, Abdulla, Balaji.

SRK's Ra.One bombed at the box office but his KKR rose from the ashes last time around to make it to the top 4 for the first time in four Years. This time around its a reunion of sorts with McCullum coming back to KKR (Remember his century against RCB in the first season) and they got West Indian mystery spinner Sunil Narine for 700K. 

I think consistency should have Kallis as a new synonym, I mean that guy is a run machine and he gets them at a fair rate too. And with McCullum at the other end theres bound to be sparks flying everywhere. Gauti's T20 form is really good, he played well in the one off money minting abandoned match against SA. Then they got Yusuf, who is as good as pollard and dhoni on his day, even though those days are far and few between. But Yusuf is still an asset and a huge threat and he bowls those handy off spins. Then they got who i think is the best all rounder in the game( Kallis dosnt bowl a lot these days) in Shakib. Tiwari is another player who wants to prove his worth. 

Strengths: Brand new opening pair, Yusuf and gauti.
Weakness: Not many.

Overall Batting Rating : **** 

KKR's bowling is ok, with Lee spear heading the attack and hes got a decent fellow bowler in Balaji, and then Abdulla is their gem, he got the best young bowler award last time around and will be hoping to do even better this time and he will be assisted by shakib, yusuf , kallis and ryan ten doeschate, so all in all KKR looks good for another top 4 finish.

Strengths : Abdulla
Weakness: Lee and his age.

Bowling rating : ****

Overall : KKR should finish in the top 4 even with the new coach and his new Ideas.Will they have the nerves to pull it off this time around ?

Star Player : Kallis.
Preferred place : 1-2
Will be happy with :1-2.
What Fans dont want : not making it into the top 4.
Prediction : 4th..


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