Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mumbai Indians IPL 5 Team Review

Team : Mumbai Indians (MI)
Event: IPL 5
Team Rating : ****1/2
Auction Rating: ***** 
Major In's : Ojha, Karthik, RP, Perera, Jhonson, Gibbs.
Major Outs's : -. Satish.
EPl Comparision Team: Chelsea (team with Huge resources and Clever player signing, will have exp from last year and will want to get their hands on the trophy this year).

Starting XI(Prob) - Sachin, Levi, Rayudu/Suman, Rohit, Karthik, Pollard, Franlkin, Harbajan. Ojha,Malinga, Z khan/ RP/Munaf.

Well, last year MI were great, this year they look even better. They  have the strongest squad in the IPL this year. And I said it in CSK's review, and I will say it again, MI are one of the only two teams that can field eleven Indians and still make it into the top 4.

Indian Eleven : Sachin, Kanwar, Rayudu, Rohit, Suman, Karthik, Yadav/Sushanth, Harbajan, Z khan, RP, Ojha.

See, its not bad at all. 

Lets talk about MI's batting, last year they dint have a proper opener to partner Sachin. This year they addressed that with Levi, last year Rayudu kept wickets for a while and now they solved that issue by buying KD Karthik from Punjab. Their batting looks strong as ever with the best batsman in the world Mr.Century of Centuries himself and with him not captaining this year it might further release the pressure of him and play better than the last year. Other teams will be praying this wont happen. Then they have Rohit who is an amazing talent and to round it off they got Pollard the best striker of the ball and he just smoked the aussies all around the park. 

Strengths: Sachin, Pollard, Rohit.
Weakness: Some one good at # 3 and sometimes Pollard dosnt get to play a lot of deliveries.

Overall Batting Rating : ****1/2

MI, have an awesome bowling attack, featuring the likes of Malinga , Khan, RP, Harbajan, Ojah and Pollard, Franklin, Rohit, Suman can all chip in. With Ojha and RP in this year they got the 1st, 2nd and the 4th highest wicket takers in IPL. Only problem I see is Malinga's form, the last coupple of series he hasnt been his usual destructive self, he infact got punished all around by kholi. But nevertheless Mumbai should do well in this edition.

Strengths : Every Bowler.
Weakness: Maybe, Malinga's form.

Bowling rating : ****1/2

Over all: MI look Incredibly good. My only issue this time is that harbajan is captaining Instead of Scahin. In cricket sometimes  games are won and lost purely on the decisions a captain takes. So fingers crossed for all the MI fans.

Star Player : Sachin.

Preferred place : 1

Will be happy with :1
What Fans dont want : Beaten by CSK/RCB
Prediction : 2nd ( Harbajan's captaincy)


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