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Sherlock TV(2010 - )Series Review

Sherlock TV(2010 - )Series Review.

Sherlock is a modernized version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous Sherlock Holmes series. I am a nerd when it comes to detective novels, so when I saw the first episode of this series I was literally blown away. Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Mr. Sherlock  'Know it all' Holmes and I woudnt go as far as saying his sidekick but I'd say his faithful friend Dr. Watson played by Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott plays Jim 'just as clever as Sherlock' Moriarty.

Normally I'd write a few things about the episodes in detail  but I dont want to spoil the fun and take the tension away, so this is going to be a review of a different kind, sort of like an overview. Now the series starts off with the "A study in pink" which is about a bunch of serial suicides and its up to Sherlock to get to the bottom of the case, more over this episode shows us how Dr.Watson and Sherlock become roommates and more importantly friends.

The character Sherlock is really intriguing, he is highly intelligent as we all know but rarely cares for others feeling well at least in the beginning and we know his reputation precedes him and so we get to see him show his intellectual prowess from time to time which is really good because he not only gives us loads of details but speaks so fast that I was like wow, I wish I could do something like that. Yes, sometimes they make very minute details very obvious when Sherlock looks at things just for him to deduce the entire case based on a single ticket stub and so on. But it dosnt feel unrealistic its done beautifully, more often than not you feel that Sherlock has this penchant for humiliating people with his intelligence but thats the beauty of the show, its fast paced, multi dimensional and will get your loaves(the Brits will be happy) working for the right reasons. 

Watson's character is more subdued but as the series progresses he has more say in the friendship, at first he is in awe of Sherlock so he dosnt talk back or cut him off, but later on we see him on equal par with Sherlock, not in terms of intelligence but in terms of stubborn behavior. But all in all they share a good relationship and even though Watson is describes as someone with no imagination, they complete each other.

Then comes Jim Moriarty who is the master mind and man is he clever, he is shown to be as clever as sherlock if not better, and in a subtle way kind of rubs off on you after a while. I dont want to say more about him, cos in this case less is better.

Well this show is a MUST watch and is incredibly awesome. I am waiting for the 3rd season, they say its going to start in early 2013, but I think its gonna be worth the wait.

Series Rating: *****


Captain Awesome said...

I have seen all episodes, in fact I have it on my laptop. And let me tell you I could actually connect to both of them in the serial. Its a much watch for all Sherlock fans :)
Story in pieces

APB said...

@ Cap Yes, cant wait for the 3rd season.

Payoj said...

This series is just awesome! I like it better than anything ever made on this character after the books...and yes, you forgot a very important character...Mycroft Homes!

Ashish Bathini said...

@payoj yes, but I dint want to give too much away and just stuck to the 3 main characters :)

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