Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why cant we ?

Why people kill why people fight
Why people rob others off their right,
But why cant we love why cant we share
And why cant we give what we have in spare.

Why people fight why people shoot
Why people’s aim is sometimes to loot,
But why cant we lend a helping hand
And why cant we show support and take a stand.

Why people drink why each other they hit
Why people watch and let the fight permit,
But why cant we stop and and let the madness cease
And why cant we hope and wish for peace.

Why people scare why people lie
Why people make each other cry,
But why cant we help those in need
And why cant we do others a good deed.

Why people lie why people break a strong bond
Why people cheat  and later abscond,
But why cant we fight the greedy and unjust
And why cant we stand united and in each other trust.


Dilip said...

Good one Ashish!I guess the answer is its 'Human Nature" - and few know how to change that :)


Ashish Bathini said...

Thanks dilip

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