Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indian Television and Emotional Atyachar !

I've been watching Indian Television regularly for the past few months and I am seriously amazed by how the Reality shows are anything but real and are fake, over dramatized, with an overdose of melodrama and are scripted to the core. Why? because every other show is cashing in on this emotional blackmail.

Lets start with Mr.Bachchan's  ever popular KBC, when the show started a while ago it was pretty straight forward, you get through the fastest finger, talk about your self, talk about what you would do with the money and then start, but now after you get through the fastest finger, you take a seat and if your a middle class family which is most of us, a very emotional testimonial(its always emotional) with sad music in the background. I am definitively not against the emotional content, but I am dead against the overdose of emotions, just for the channels to get their TRP's up.

Even our very own reality show ROADIES started following suit, and now we get to see more and more people with tragic and sad stories in the auditions and yes the sad music is always associated with the story, as if the story on its own isnt capable of making us reach for the tissues.

And lets not forget these Singing and Dancing competitions, I watching "Dance India Dance " the other day and one of the contestant finishes the dance and shares a sad story and starts crying because her/his parents skipped a meal a while ago, tell me who dosnt have things like these in their families ? My parents sacrificed a lot for me to study and stuff but I dont go around crying to people telling them I needed their sympathy. I am very proud of my parents and for their sacrifices but who isnt ? And if your dance or singing is good enough to get you the votes why should you cry about and beg for sympathy votes. 

Everyone must have emotional memories and events that are personal to them, and I am for sharing them either in private or public, but I am dead against sharing these things just because they have a camera in your face or that money or a prize is at stake. I am very surprised IPL dint join the bandwagon, Ah! well, may be they did, Sreeshanth did cry, dint he ?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gems Ad Review

Ad Review: Gems raho Umarless


Starts off with a half decent concept about pople liking Gems despite their age, I get that and I can even relate to that, but the Ad, is so senseless it makes you wonder why there is such a dearth of intelligence.

Since they want to depict UMARLESS they obviously had to go for an aged person a female in this case and she is show sitting alone in this artificial park and she sees a gem on the grass and eats it and then more come out from the same place and she continues to eat them only for her to see more and more gems come out, and when she sees another 'aged' person walking in the same stupidity proximity she tries to hide the gems by covering them with her body, then the pressure builds up and a stream of gems shoots out throwing the lady in the air( Dhoom 2 Hrithik Roshan where he is launched into the by a stream of water) where the Ad ends.

Ok, why are gems coming out of the ground ? and why is the speed at which the gems come out proportional to both the consumption of them and her attempt at trying to hide them ? They could have gone a million ways in showing the umarless concept but they chose to go the embarrassing way.

Ad Rating: * (dhimakless)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sherlock TV(2010 - )Series Review

Sherlock TV(2010 - )Series Review.

Sherlock is a modernized version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous Sherlock Holmes series. I am a nerd when it comes to detective novels, so when I saw the first episode of this series I was literally blown away. Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Mr. Sherlock  'Know it all' Holmes and I woudnt go as far as saying his sidekick but I'd say his faithful friend Dr. Watson played by Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott plays Jim 'just as clever as Sherlock' Moriarty.

Normally I'd write a few things about the episodes in detail  but I dont want to spoil the fun and take the tension away, so this is going to be a review of a different kind, sort of like an overview. Now the series starts off with the "A study in pink" which is about a bunch of serial suicides and its up to Sherlock to get to the bottom of the case, more over this episode shows us how Dr.Watson and Sherlock become roommates and more importantly friends.

The character Sherlock is really intriguing, he is highly intelligent as we all know but rarely cares for others feeling well at least in the beginning and we know his reputation precedes him and so we get to see him show his intellectual prowess from time to time which is really good because he not only gives us loads of details but speaks so fast that I was like wow, I wish I could do something like that. Yes, sometimes they make very minute details very obvious when Sherlock looks at things just for him to deduce the entire case based on a single ticket stub and so on. But it dosnt feel unrealistic its done beautifully, more often than not you feel that Sherlock has this penchant for humiliating people with his intelligence but thats the beauty of the show, its fast paced, multi dimensional and will get your loaves(the Brits will be happy) working for the right reasons. 

Watson's character is more subdued but as the series progresses he has more say in the friendship, at first he is in awe of Sherlock so he dosnt talk back or cut him off, but later on we see him on equal par with Sherlock, not in terms of intelligence but in terms of stubborn behavior. But all in all they share a good relationship and even though Watson is describes as someone with no imagination, they complete each other.

Then comes Jim Moriarty who is the master mind and man is he clever, he is shown to be as clever as sherlock if not better, and in a subtle way kind of rubs off on you after a while. I dont want to say more about him, cos in this case less is better.

Well this show is a MUST watch and is incredibly awesome. I am waiting for the 3rd season, they say its going to start in early 2013, but I think its gonna be worth the wait.

Series Rating: *****

Thursday, April 5, 2012

BlackBerry and Mountain Dew Ad Review

Ad Review

Black Berry Boys: Nice one, honestly the tune is catchy and they added a nice touch with aged guys performing as the BSB. And not everyone sings in the group, just 2 guys. Its more Boyzone than BSB. So all in all a good Ad creative and funny.

Ad Rating : ****

Mountain Dew: Starts off with a guy getting ready to jump off a dam, and he takes a leap of stupidity and rides down the face of the Dam on his skateboard and your thinking OMG that's hilarious, but wait it gets better, all of the sudden the dam opens and water gushes out and our guy is still on his way down on his ride and you know what for some strange reason just as his bones were about to be crushed he is catapulted far away from the dam and he is seen smiling ear to ear in a pool of water. Jeez man, why dont these guys look at final edited version before they embarrass themselves.

Ad Rating: Two for stupidity, one for the drink and a big fat zero for the Ad.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 Movie Review

Movie : 2012
Language : English

Just watched 2012 on the TV, although I did watch it in the theater a while ago I just wanted to write a review and vent my frustration. The movie had awesome graphics, decent cast in John Cusack, Amanda Peet and a director who made Godzilla, Independence Day etc.. but this movie was a step too far. It was like watching a desi movie where the hero just dosnt know how or when to die. The Hero (Mr.Cusack) is divorced and has two kids with Peet who lives with another guy who wants to have kids with her, anyways the movie starts off with bizarre natural calamities happening all over the world and our hero gets to know about it and  tries to save his family and thats when the reality hits crap bottom. I am serious if you were to count the number of times our hero has a near death experience and lives to face another disaster you would be lucky if you dint count to infinity.

A limo ride against time, buildings, concrete and massive car sucking, home wrecking earth quakes, a plane ride through buildings (yes, the plane had an invisible force field), an even bigger plane hits the eiffel tower and yes the eiffel tower obviously crashes to earth killing more people but who cares as long as our hero and his family get away safely. And I forgot to mention the great meteor shower escape and  Jurassic park II bus hanging down a cliff is re-enacted with more stupidity and no rope. Houdini would have been a joke before this guy.

The Chinese(who else?) build this huge submarine like structures called arcs, so all the rich people who could afford millions buy tickets on this ship thing. It made me wonder, I mean the whole earth is submerged in water and after this event is done what the hell are these mega rich idiots gonna do ? I mean I expected scientists, farmers, electricians, engineers, doctors to be on board. Anyways since logic seems alien to the director we have no other choice but to keep looking at the watch and the exit. But not to worry, you get to see Gigantic tsunamis and the arc hits the highest peak in the world and a few other land marks but overall you get to see a lot of stupidity.

I would have rated this movie a lot, but they killed Dr.Satnam and I am bummed.

So 2012  = 2 + 0 + 1 +2 =5, hence I give this 5/10.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 5 Review

Team :Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).
Event: IPL 5
Team Rating : ****
Auction Rating: ****(want a scoop of Brendon)
Major In's : Brendon McCullum, Sunil Narine               
Major Outs's : -
EPl Comparision Team: Tottenham (Got explosive players, they want to step it up to the next level.)

Starting XI(Prob): Kallis, McCullum, Gambhir, Tiwari, Yusuf, Shakib, Bisla, Bhatia, Lee, Abdulla, Balaji.

SRK's Ra.One bombed at the box office but his KKR rose from the ashes last time around to make it to the top 4 for the first time in four Years. This time around its a reunion of sorts with McCullum coming back to KKR (Remember his century against RCB in the first season) and they got West Indian mystery spinner Sunil Narine for 700K. 

I think consistency should have Kallis as a new synonym, I mean that guy is a run machine and he gets them at a fair rate too. And with McCullum at the other end theres bound to be sparks flying everywhere. Gauti's T20 form is really good, he played well in the one off money minting abandoned match against SA. Then they got Yusuf, who is as good as pollard and dhoni on his day, even though those days are far and few between. But Yusuf is still an asset and a huge threat and he bowls those handy off spins. Then they got who i think is the best all rounder in the game( Kallis dosnt bowl a lot these days) in Shakib. Tiwari is another player who wants to prove his worth. 

Strengths: Brand new opening pair, Yusuf and gauti.
Weakness: Not many.

Overall Batting Rating : **** 

KKR's bowling is ok, with Lee spear heading the attack and hes got a decent fellow bowler in Balaji, and then Abdulla is their gem, he got the best young bowler award last time around and will be hoping to do even better this time and he will be assisted by shakib, yusuf , kallis and ryan ten doeschate, so all in all KKR looks good for another top 4 finish.

Strengths : Abdulla
Weakness: Lee and his age.

Bowling rating : ****

Overall : KKR should finish in the top 4 even with the new coach and his new Ideas.Will they have the nerves to pull it off this time around ?

Star Player : Kallis.
Preferred place : 1-2
Will be happy with :1-2.
What Fans dont want : not making it into the top 4.
Prediction : 4th..

Mumbai Indians IPL 5 Team Review

Team : Mumbai Indians (MI)
Event: IPL 5
Team Rating : ****1/2
Auction Rating: ***** 
Major In's : Ojha, Karthik, RP, Perera, Jhonson, Gibbs.
Major Outs's : -. Satish.
EPl Comparision Team: Chelsea (team with Huge resources and Clever player signing, will have exp from last year and will want to get their hands on the trophy this year).

Starting XI(Prob) - Sachin, Levi, Rayudu/Suman, Rohit, Karthik, Pollard, Franlkin, Harbajan. Ojha,Malinga, Z khan/ RP/Munaf.

Well, last year MI were great, this year they look even better. They  have the strongest squad in the IPL this year. And I said it in CSK's review, and I will say it again, MI are one of the only two teams that can field eleven Indians and still make it into the top 4.

Indian Eleven : Sachin, Kanwar, Rayudu, Rohit, Suman, Karthik, Yadav/Sushanth, Harbajan, Z khan, RP, Ojha.

See, its not bad at all. 

Lets talk about MI's batting, last year they dint have a proper opener to partner Sachin. This year they addressed that with Levi, last year Rayudu kept wickets for a while and now they solved that issue by buying KD Karthik from Punjab. Their batting looks strong as ever with the best batsman in the world Mr.Century of Centuries himself and with him not captaining this year it might further release the pressure of him and play better than the last year. Other teams will be praying this wont happen. Then they have Rohit who is an amazing talent and to round it off they got Pollard the best striker of the ball and he just smoked the aussies all around the park. 

Strengths: Sachin, Pollard, Rohit.
Weakness: Some one good at # 3 and sometimes Pollard dosnt get to play a lot of deliveries.

Overall Batting Rating : ****1/2

MI, have an awesome bowling attack, featuring the likes of Malinga , Khan, RP, Harbajan, Ojah and Pollard, Franklin, Rohit, Suman can all chip in. With Ojha and RP in this year they got the 1st, 2nd and the 4th highest wicket takers in IPL. Only problem I see is Malinga's form, the last coupple of series he hasnt been his usual destructive self, he infact got punished all around by kholi. But nevertheless Mumbai should do well in this edition.

Strengths : Every Bowler.
Weakness: Maybe, Malinga's form.

Bowling rating : ****1/2

Over all: MI look Incredibly good. My only issue this time is that harbajan is captaining Instead of Scahin. In cricket sometimes  games are won and lost purely on the decisions a captain takes. So fingers crossed for all the MI fans.

Star Player : Sachin.

Preferred place : 1

Will be happy with :1
What Fans dont want : Beaten by CSK/RCB
Prediction : 2nd ( Harbajan's captaincy)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL 5 Review

Team : Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB).
Event: IPL 5
Team Rating : ****
Auction Rating: ***** (They Got Mr.Run Machine)
Major In's : Gayle (Retained), Vinay Kumar
Major Outs's : -.
EPl Comparision Team: Arsenal (Easy on the eye but dont want to be tagged the One man Team)

Starting XI(Prob) - Gayle, Dilshan, Kholi, ABD, Tiwary, Pujara/Kaif/agarwal/Karthik, Vettori, Z Khan, Aravind, Vinay, Mohammed.

Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher airlines aint flying great, his F1 team aint burning rubber but his RCB can sure do both and do it in style. Last year RCB almost had one hand on the trophy but coudnt contain the Juggernaut i.e., the Super Kings. For a team that once was branded a test team, RCB surely must start this season as one of the favorites. With Chris Gayle(Prob the best batsman in this format) , Kholi (beyond superlatives ), Dilshan(on his day can match gayle), ABD(One for the keeps), Tiwari (Jr.Dhoni) RCB sure do pack a punch. The only problem I see is that they dont have a finisher in the mould of a dhoni or a pollard. 

Strengths: Gayle and Kholi.
Weakness: Finisher / Brutal Hitter at 6/7.

Overall Batting Rating : **** 

Bowling was their weak link last time but with Vinay and Murali they will be confident that they can win the IPL this time around. With Khan Vinay and Aravind they got 3 good Indian bowlers and with Captian Economical Vettori they got a world class spinner and they got good back ups in gayle, dilshan and mohammed.

Strengths : Have all bases Covered.
Weakness: Maybe, an out and out fast bowler.

Bowling rating : ****

OverAll : RCB shoild be confident about a good season and will hope its third time lucky for them having lost to CSK and DC and get the chokers tag off their chests.

Star Player :Gayle.
Preferred place : 1
Will be happy with :1.
What Fans dont want : Beaten by CSK.
Prediction : 3rd.

Chennai Super Kings IPL 2012 Review

Team : Chennai Super Kings.
Event: IPL 5
Team Rating : ****1/2
Auction Rating: ****
Major In's : Jadeja
Major Outs's : -.
EPl Comparision Team: Manchester United(They know how to grind those results out).

Starting XI(Prob) - Vijay, Hussey, Raina,Bhadri, Dhoni, Jadeja, Morkel, Bravo, Ashwin, Hilfen, Jakati/Jogi/Styriss/saha etc..

Lets get this out nice and early. CSK  in my opinion is the best team in the IPL, let alone the most consistent one. CSK got Raina, dhoni, morkel who can match if not better the likes of Pollard, Gayle and Yusuf. CSK's strength has always been its batting, especially the Indian players. I think CSK and MI are two teams than can play 11 Indians and still can finish in the top 4. Led by the "best finisher " and "captian cool" Dhoni has a team that retained most of its players for almost all the seasons now, making CSK a cohesive unit who spin to their strength, my bad, play to their strength.

So lets get started with the batting. One of the best batting line ups in the IPL. One problem I see is Vijay's inconsistent batting last year. I know CSK fans wont care two hoots about his form 12 months ago, but CSk last year were slow starers who kept wickets in hand and then went berserk in the last 8-6 over. I cant think of a better example than the semi finals with RCB. Raina and Dhoni just snatched the match away from RCB with some 5 Star slogging. And thats my only problem they are slow starters but if they manage to do as well as they did he last 4 seasons they shoudnt bother about it.

Strengths: Too Many.
Weakness: Not Many.

Overall Batting Rating : **** 1/2

Bowling wise CSK are ok, infact more than Ok. It just dosent match up to their 4 1/2 star batting. They havnt got a good Indian Bowler. I think they would have wanted to have a go at RP or Vinay but ended up spending all their money on Jadeja who is dont think is worth 2$ anyways thats IPL auction and the Inflated Indian player prices. But with the likes of Morlel, Ben HIlfen, jadeja, raina , bravo, Ashwin they should be good enough to see  most of the teams out.

Strengths : Spinners.
Weakness: No Good Indian Fast Bowler.

Bowling rating : ***1/2

OverAll :Chennai are Sooper and will be  looking  for a hat trick of titles.

Star Player : Dhoni.
Preferred place : 1
Will be happy with :1.
What Fans dont want : Beaten by MI
Prediction : 1st..