Wednesday, May 30, 2012

IndiBlogger Review

IndiBlogger : Site URL
Mini Description: We Blog, Therefore We Are

One of the first things I wanted to do when I started blogging was to know how my blog was to others. I had a clear idea about the content of my blog, the title and the regulation stuff that goes along with having a new blog, but the very concept about how other bloggers would look at at blog was a question left unanswered, so I joined IndiBlogger and now I feel good (Ya, they made me say all that).

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Registration is pretty straight forward, you submit your blog and wait for it to get approved. It took me a while to actually get into IndiBlogger, with all the new blogs that get submitted for approval it must be a tough job for the mods to sift through all the blogs. Its after registration you get to know the community of IndiBlogger. So lets get straight into the review.

Basic Interface: The home tab is actually Informative, it gives you Info about different contests, popular posts, new blogs, active bloggers and stuff. It also gives you the option of choosing from 4 color themes, I like the blue theme the rest are Ok. Then comes the Indivine tab, this is where all the bloggers post their stories and stuff, and are categorized based on different interests like sports, television, poetry, science etc. So all you do is post your URL in indivine and people can read it and can vote for it.

Indirank, as the name suggests is where your blog gets ranked on a scale of 100, Indirank has a complicated algorithm that takes into account various factors before giving you a rank, for more details follow this link : INDIRANK . This is followed by the Directory tab, where in you can search for blogs based on keyword, place, name etc making it easier to navigate through the numerous blogs.

Then we have Meets tab, where bloggers come together and hang out and meet in a specific location, this is one place where people can go beyond the virtual interaction can actually hangout and meet people. Then the Drives tab is about different contests. Followed by Indistream and Addons. Dashborad is where you can add people to your network, read their posts, vote for them and check your Indirank stats etc and there is also a mail option where you can mail people in your network.

Forum tab is where various topics can be discussed and a place where opinions can be shared. This is also where you can get your blog reviewed by other bloggers, I for one was really happy when people reviewed  my blog, I used to refresh every 5 mins looking for a review, hence when ever I get the time I review other blogs because the reviews helped me change my blog for the better and constructive criticism  does help.

IndiTalk is where I got to meet loads of talented bloggers, IndiTalk is where IndiBlogger becomes more of a community and its get personal with people from different places background come and talk to each other and get to know them on a personal level. 

Quick Shoutouts to people who helped me in Indiblogger.
There are many more bloggers who I would have liked to mention but coudnt because the list goes on and on.  So for all those who are a part of Indiblogger do comeby Inditalk and get to know more people.

Overall IndiBlogger is an awesome platform where bloggers old and new can come by have some fun and be a part of this commmunity.

Rating:  ****1/2

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manchester United 2012 Season Review

Team: Manchester United
Team Info:
League Standing: 2nd
Champions League: Group Stages
Europa League: Round of 16
FA cup: 4th Round
League Cup: 5th Round

3 minutes, thats what separated United and a 20th league title. As a United fan, I dismissed QPR's chances of taking anything out off the city game, but with City 2-1 down and 5 minutes left to play I was biting my finger nails, and praying for the ref to blow the whistle. But Dzeko and Aguero scored  and United ended the season with no trophies.

With 6 games left United were a massive 8 points ahead, and typically United would have seen the games out, but not this time, an unexpected loss at Wigan brought down the lead to 5, after which united blew a 4-2 lead at home to Everton and when united lost to city 1-0 at the Eithad, we all knew it was curtains for United.

What made this season's disappointment more tough was the champions league fiasco. I mean a team of United caliber was expected to make it into the semis at the very least, but with one of the easiest groups United finished 3rd and had the face the ignominy of playing in the Europa league and adding insult to injury Bilbao played United out of the game in both the legs.

Reasons for United failing to win any trophy this season are Vidic's injury, no replacement for Scholes, who later on did come back to add some class to the midfield, Cleverley and Anderson getting injured, Hernandez and his loss of form. United should have bought Wesley Sneijder, but the partnership of Cleverley  and Anderson looked really good in the first few games before both of them got injured, then Scholes and Carrick formed another awesome partnership dominating the midfield.

Things for untied to look up for are Rooney's form, Valencia and Rafa's partnership, Young and Nani vying for places, Scholes staying on for another year, Vidic coming back. So things dont look that bad, and with Fergie masterminding another transfer season, United should be fighinting for their 20th title.

Transfer Rumors: Hazard, the Belgian wonderkid is being chased by the Manchester duo and Chelsea, so United have a fight on their hands with city's unlimited money and Chelsea's status as kings of europe, Kagawa looks like he is going to join us, Untied are also in for Leighton baines. So Manchester United are looking to cover up all their weaknesses i.e., a central creative MF to take over Scholes, a left back to cover/takeover Evra and a striker.

With more players from the reserves stepping up, the new players and Fergie's tenacity Untied should be favorites to win a few trophies next year, so Manchester is due a red make over

Dream Team Next Year:

                                                      De Gea

                         Rafael       Evans/Rio          Vidic      Evra

                                         Cleverley      Martinez

                         Valencia               Kagawa              Nani

Season Rating:  ***1/2

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Once Again

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 27; the 27th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'Once Again'.

Our love we might get battered
Our hearts we might get shattered,
Yet our desire never goes weak
Once again love is all we seek.

Our future might look bleak
Our will power might get weak,
Yet we strive for our right
Once again we stand up and fight.

Our dreams might get broken
Our thoughts might get frozen,
Yet our goals still remain
Once again in life we reign.

Our plans when we think are so strong
Our plans when they go all wrong,
Yet we just don’t stand there and wait
Once again we get ready to face our fate.

Our finances might not be so sound
Our vision might not take off the ground,
Yet we take what comes unplanned
Once again stand firm and take a stand.

Our loved ones who we lost someday
Our friends who we let go astray,
Yet in our hearts they still remain
And we just want to see them, Once Again. 

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crime Patrol Review

Crime Patrol TV series (2003-2006, 2010- present)


Crime Patrol hosted by Anoop Soni, aired on Sony is a television series that presents various crimes committed in India and how our police department deals with them.

There was a detective series called The New Detectives on Discovery, where the Police with the help of Forensics help solve crimes and bring the criminals to Justice, and I loved that show, so when Crime Patrol was aired I liked it not only because it was on the same lines but also because it brought to light the various crimes that people in India are victims of and bringing those morons to Justice. Anoop Soni does a good job as the host, although he needs a wardrobe change with all the tight jeans and shirts he usually wears. 

Now coming to the show, if you watch a few episode you can make out that in most of the episodes the victims are women. And when people tell me women in India have the utmost respect are only kidding themselves. And by this I dont mean to say women dont commit crimes and that we dont respect them, they do commit a lot of crimes but the sheer volume of crimes committed against them is overwhelming. Rape, flesh trade, female genocide are some of the many crimes that we get to see in this show. Its so unfortunate to see kids as victims of rape and Kidnap, my mom just dosent watch any episode which involves kids.

And its safe to say that crime partol does away with the myth, may be not completely but to some extent atleast that in India marriage is the foundation on which the nation is built or something on those lines. We get to see so many episodes in which extra-Martial affairs is the sole reason for someones death. Husband gets to know that his wife/Girl cheated on him so he kills either his girl or the guy and vice versa, women are no less evil when it comes to killing their loved ones or killing for their loved ones. So when people say divorces in India are way less and its because of our culture and our upbringing, I say Bull. Its better to get divorced and live rather than having to face the fingers pointed at them by the society and kill someone. 

So in conclusion all I want to say is Crime patrol is an eye opener (even though lately the episode are over dramatic and sometimes outright silly), and helps us understand our society better and how to deal with some situations in case we are, God forbid, found in one.  

Series Rating: ****