Tuesday, October 24, 2017

IT !!

The path untrodden, the landscape deserted
He could barely make out the sign ahead, road diverted
The journey still long, with a car broken down
Only silence for company, far far away from his homeland.

He did not want to, but he had to go on
Still hours away, he couldn't wait for dawn
As he trudged along, the moon hid behind a dark cloud
He was hoping to see one person, just one, not even a crowd.

Panicked, he looked for his keys and phone, but couldn't find none
Thick forest all around, his car was no where , he knew he was done
Every step he took echoed through the woods, piercing the silence
He stood still, looked up to the heavens, and asked for Guidance.

Far far away, he saw something, a Ghost? or just a flicker of light?
He ran towards it, at any cost he had to get out tonight
As he got closer, he knew something was not right, something was off
The moment he saw IT, he dint even think, he just tookoff.

He felt he was being followed, as faster and faster he ran
But what was behind him ? Pure evil, definitely not a man
No where to run and cornered, he saw something take shape, dark and menacing
What ever he could get his hands on, he hurled at it, yet it was strengthening.

He felt shivers run down his spine as he struggled and stumbled
He stepped in to a mire, chances of escape dwindling as he struggled
The thing got closer and closer, he saw the face of evil vividly
with arms stretched forward, it went for for this throat, he gasped for air instantly.

As his hands struggled for grip, his whole life flashed before his eyes
His family, his friends he wanted to see, just once, before he dies
As death loomed large, he gave up and let out a scream
Bright light flooded his vision, heaven ? he  thought, Nah, it was just a dream.


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